Sunday, 22 September 2013

The world of Pantone

For those who are related to the world of architecture, graphic arts, and graphic design, the word is synonymous Pantone color and form part of the everyday vocabulary. However, outside of those who manage the color as part of their work, Pantone sounds like a kind of shampoo for hair and so defines diccionariodel graphic designer who already has some time going through the network.

But even within the printing industry there are some for which Pantone means nothing more than a color guide that comes in a series of strips of cardboard and is commonly called pantonera. Pantone But more than just pantonera. Pantone Inc. is a company based in Carlstadt, New Jersey (USA), creator of a color control system for the graphic arts. Its color definition system is the most recognized and used by what is usually called Pantone decolores control system. Thus unlike color CMYK and RGB modes usually called direct color (Wikipedia).

Moreover, in recent years, Pantone has ceased to be just a shade guide to become a whole way of life, so that there is a whole range of items and products that are based on Pantone colors design, so we can find clothes and fashion accessories with Pantone colors, common objects such as cups, plates, furniture "Pantone" even the company launches every year Pantone color that sets the trend in color for that year. The color for this year is Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine TangoThen a sample of the vast range of items for Pantone colors have inspired and as we can see Pantone means and more than a just a chart.

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