Sunday, 22 September 2013

A 100 square foot timber wonder

                                            Designboom shows two of our favorite things in one little project: A 100 square foot "smart student unit" made out of cross-laminated timber (CLT) the super-strong wood panels made from sustainably harvested wood.

© Tenbom Architects via Designboom

I love how the tables fold up into the wall and seal the windows. This thing is solid and safe.
Tengbom architects write:
This truly compact-living flat still offers a comfortable sleeping-loft, kitchen, bathroom and a small garden with a patio. Through an efficient layout and the use of cross laminated wood as a construction material the rent is reduced by 50 % and the ecological impact and carbon footprints is also significantly reduced. Energy efficiency is a key issue when designing new buildings.

© Tengbom Architects via Designboom
Choosing right material and manufacturing methods is vital to minimize the carbon emission and therefore wood was chosen for its carbon positive qualities, and as a renewable resource it can be sourced locally to minimize transportation. The manufacturer method was chosen because of is flexible production and for its assembling technique which can be done on site to reduce construction time.
Lots more images at Designboom
Story source Lloyd Alter  lloydalter twitter

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