Monday, 23 September 2013

Holy Rosary

LOCATION: St. Amant, Louisiana
AREA: 17,000 Square Feet

The design of the Holy Rosary Complex – comprised of an oratory, administrative building, and religious education building – for a rural Catholic Parish in South Louisiana, is an honest exploration of form, function, light and materials that results in an engaging and profound study in sacred space. Neither opulent nor austere, Holy Rosary Chapel presents a thoughtful meditation on sacred spaces and the spatial embodiment of spiritual experience. The masterplan for the rural campus creates a strong sense of place and draws a distinction between the program’s sacred and secular components. Secular components of the campus take form as linear or “edge” buildings – an administrative block, two linear classroom bars, a religious education building – which form the courtyard in which the oratory is located. The oratory, or chapel, is the focus of the otherwise orthogonal composition, but is itself skewed to further underscore its importance and to create a sense of expectation.

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